Choosing Strong PhD Thesis Topics In Biostatistics: 18 Suggestions

Completing a thesis or dissertation is tricky enough, but when your Ph.D. depends on the success of this one essay, it can be a very daunting task. Although you have a tutor for your subject, when it comes to this particular piece of homework, you’re more or less on your own, so it’s important to have somewhere to start. Before you start any research on a topic for biostatistics, you should probably consider these points about writing a killer biostatistics essay first:

  1. First, come up with a problem that you can solve using biostatistics data

  2. Come up with a way of measuring success within the thesis

  3. Find someone else who has already got some data about a similar problem

  4. Come up with a remedy to the problem

  5. Write about the process that you went through to solve the problem

  6. Get people to read through it and ask you questions

  7. Respond to the questions in your dissertation

18 Suggestions For Thesis Topics

If you’ve done your homework, but you’re still struggling for ideas to write about, check out these 18 ideas for topics for your piece:

  1. Ways in which the improvement of living conditions affects the spread of contagious diseases in developing countries

  2. Factors that affect the spread of sexually transmitted diseases

  3. How clinical trials have helped to combat hard to treat illnesses

  4. Assessing the impact that sugar consumption has on future diagnoses of diabetic conditions

  5. Investigation into the impact that pre-term delivery has on the development of infants

  6. The outcome of elective deliveries for infants of women in developing countries

  7. Assessment of the impact that uncontrolled illnesses have on patients who refuse medication

  8. An investigation into the likelihood of HIV being passed onto a child from an infected parent

  9. The effects that a lack of sleep and rest have on a cohort of males

  10. How maternal thyroid issues affects the development of the unborn fetus

  11. The correlation between the behavioral science of teenagers and adolescent health issues

  12. Survival statistics amongst infants with heart defects in developing countries compared with those countries that have high-end medical facilities

  13. How lung cancer treatment and survival differs between genders

  14. Early indicators of unusual birth defects and how soon they are detected

  15. The way in which dementia in older patients affects the treatment of other diagnosed illnesses

  16. How clinical trial performance affects groups of patients with serious illnesses

  17. How sunlight exposure relates to the number of patients diagnosed with skin cancers

  18. How does biostatistics help future cohorts of individuals

These are just a handful of suggestions for some good topics for you to choose from, although it would be even better if you could do some further research to come up with your own and more unique topic for your dissertation homework.

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