Expert's Guide To Composing A PhD Dissertation In Philosophy And Ethics

Often times a doctoral dissertation is the last paper that a student will ever write. You would think by now they would be experts but this paper is quite a bit different than anything he has ever been asked to write. You are held to a much higher standard with this type of paper which causes much anxiety and stress. Here is an expert’s guide to composing a PhD dissertation in philosophy and ethics:

  • Choose your topic wisely. Don’t make it too broad or too narrow. You need to have enough information to create a solid thesis and you can’t have too much information to cover the topic entirely. Discuss your topic with your advisors to get some idea if you are on the right track. Make sure you choose a topic you are passionate about. It is much easier to spend the countless hours that are necessary if you are enjoying what you are doing.

  • Don’t procrastinate and begin your research immediately. This is a long process and you don’t want to be hurried and stressed while completing it. Set yourself up with a schedule and try to stick to it.

  • Do extensive research and keep excellent, organized notes. Use index cards and keep them categorized so you can find what you need when you begin writing your paper. Try to research from a variety of sources and not just from books. Think outside the box when you are trying to find information.

  • Create an outline of your thesis. This is an extremely important step that should not be skipped. This is the framework of your dissertation and should include all of your main points as well as your introduction and conclusion. This will allow you to input all of your important information in a good flow. You also have the flexibility to make changes much easier with an outline than in your paper.

  • Create your rough draft of your paper using your outline as a road map. Once you have done this, have someone you trust read it over. Ask them for any advice as to what may need to be changed and listen to their advice. Also make sure all of your grammar and spelling is error free.

  • Create your final draft and make sure it looks professional. Remember first impressions are important.

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