A Collection Of Possible Dissertation Topics In Education

Deciding on a topic for your scientific work in education is the first step to becoming a graduate. Based on your range of scientific interests, your research must be a synthesis of the knowledge you’ve gained while studying and your own ideas, thoughts and solutions for already existing problems in the area.

Selecting Your Dissertation Topic Among Those Which Have Been Already Studied

Sometimes it’s easier to start your own research by browsing a list of already written dissertations (or a list of topics at the Topics Base). This might give you hints on studying material which might be missing from these works.

  1. The practice of problem-based learning and the appropriateness of using these methods in schools more often.

  2. The improvement of children’s achievement using activities which link the home and school.

  3. The importance of the link between supportive parental involvement and children’s early literacy development.

  4. The problems of finding one’s own teaching style which ensures efficient understanding of the material by students.

  5. The variety of methods used for teaching children to read.

  6. The effectiveness of students’ achievements while using collaborative and cooperative learning methods.

  7. The effectiveness of continuing professional development for teachers.

  8. The importance of IT in home schooling.

  9. The correlation between achievements and socialization of home-schooled students compared to non-home-schooled students.

  10. Motivational factors for choosing home schooling.

  11. The importance of various methods, policies and strategies for improvement of the achievement of diverse learners.

  12. The impact of support staff in small rural primary schools.

Mind the possibility of gaining extra help online. If you haven’t determined the topic of your dissertation or have some questions to ask, you can get dissertation writing help for writing your work so that you won’t miss anything significant.

Minding the Eight Teacher’s Standards

As a person who’s connected with education you should be well aware of the eight teacher’s standards. They are aimed at improving the quality of teaching in order to ensure better understanding of the studied material among the students. While they can be regarded as everyday practice, the right focus on them makes it possible to relate them to constructing your dissertation. Browse the list of these standards and decide if you want to do a research on some of the problems connected to them while writing your own dissertation.

These pieces of advice can give you a starting point towards your future research. Deciding on a topic is not an easy thing but making sure the selected topic reflects your interests can guarantee your success when writing.

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