The Fundamentals Of Writing An Undergraduate Dissertation

When you are an undergraduate student, essay writing especially if it involves research is something that is always pushed for the end of the term or till the day before the homework assignment is to be submitted.

Here are some fundamentals of writing an undergraduate dissertation:

  • You should plan the entire thesis work. Give yourself enough time to collect sources, read through the information, do the necessary research required, write the essay, and then proofread it. If it is planned and you stick to the timetable, writing will be a breeze.

  • Next, you should know who is your audience, what knowledge or experience they have with regards the dissertation topic, what style do you need to write it in and what is the tone required.

  • You should take notes when you are reading the research material and do not wait till you have collected all the material before compiling your notes.

  • Your notes should be precise and written so well that you can locate the source including the page number if you need to refer to it again.

  • When you are writing, you need to discuss the dissertation topic with someone else. If possible with the instructor. That will help you get feedback early and also help in case you need to change the subtopics.

  • You need to develop central arguments. This is literally the compass which will guide your essay.

  • You then need to work around these central arguments to build up your essay.

  • Your homework whether it is a freelance topic or something that is given to you always needs to stand out and in order to do so, you should not only take care of the content but also the usefulness of the thesis as well as the quality of the work submitted.

Lastly, though this may seem almost a give-in, it is a very important point and cannot afford to be skipped. The thesis must be run through a spell checker, and it needs to be checked for grammatical errors as well. The freelance thesis which is formatted as per the style expected gains much more points from the instructor.

In order to be sure that your dissertation does not lack in any way, it should be read by different people so that they can critically appraise the document as this may be the last assignment for your entire term and your grade could be dependent on it.

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