List Of 12 Great Topic Ideas For Your Dissertation About Autism

There is a lot more information and interest in Autism than there has ever been in the past. Part of this is due to the sudden rise of the numbers of cases of diagnosed autism in children and adults over the past few years. Whichever topic idea you choose you will be able to find a considerable amount of supporting evidence.

  • What evidence is available to determine whether the rise in autism is caused by environmental triggers? Environmental triggers include lead in paint; pollution; chemical additives to foods that cause sensitivity to certain foods.

  • Research Stimming self-regulator for anxiety issues. Focus on how stimming is related to autism and that it is not the same as Tourette’s syndrome. What form does stimming take? How can the general public be educated about the benefits of stimming?

  • Why is there is greater prevalence of autism in western society? Is this down to life styles or higher recognition of the signs and symptoms of the difficulty? How is autism dealt with in third world countries?

  • What recent changes in diagnosis have caused the concern that Asperger's Syndrome no longer exists? Note when the changes occurred (which was very recently) and the history of when autism was first discovered as a condition.

  • Autism is referred to as a spectrum. Define the spectrum. The range that is covered by the term autism is vast. What generally are the signs and symptoms of Autism? Can a child develop Autism or is he born with it?

  • Autism and Mainstream Education. Should every child that is autistic be educated in a special school? What are the positives and negatives of this? How can an Autistic child adapt to mainstream education?

  • Difference between Autistic Males and Autistic Females. There are different signs and symptoms for males as opposed to females with autism, to the point that many females are not diagnosed as early as males. Research.

  • Autism in the workplace. Research the best way that people with autism can be properly supported in the workplace. What type of work would a person with Autism be best suited to?

  • Prominent People in History who were probably Autistic. There are several great people in history who were very probably somewhere on the Autistic Spectrum. What skills did they bring to their jobs?

  • Childhood Immunizations and Autism. Although there has been a great amount of speculation that childhood immunizations may have been a factor in the development of Autism it has been disproved yet there is concern that mercury is used for the injection.

  • Educating Family Doctors. It has been noted that many family doctors do not know enough about Autism to enable then to efficiently support their autistic patients. What would be the best way to support family doctors?

  • Autism and Mental health. Is there a higher incidence of mental health difficulties in people with autism? Why are talking therapies less effective for people with autism? What other therapies are appropriate?

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