Searching For A Good Dissertation Proposal Sample In Business

Doing a dissertation in business requires a lot of knowledge of the field you are trying to dip into. You will need an original topic first, one that is easy to collect data for, but also is not something that many people have already written about. You will also need to collect large quantity of data that you will need to systematize somehow, so your reader won’t be confused and turned off. So you need a good plan how to structure your thesis and then how to form that large amount of knowledge into a readable proposal, that will one day be turned into a paper.

When it comes to that, it is very helpful if you can see a sample of a good dissertation proposal. Here are some tricks how to find some good examples that will help you out with your own paper.

Hire an expert for writing dissertations

Many people are trained and proficient at writing proposal or even the entire dissertations on any given subject. They can help you out with writing your own proposal, or just give you some really good tips. They have also written a lot of proposals, so they probably have to show you some good examples how it should look. If you thing think that it would be cheating for him to write your proposal, then just ask him to show you some good examples, and write your own proposal following the instructions. Just try to choose a tutor that is an expert in business, so you will be sure that his work is impeccable.

Join a university library

Every one that has ever done a dissertation has also a proposal handed over along with it. So, in a university library it is very easy to find dissertation of former students. It is allowed for you to take those dissertations, along with proposals, and even copy them. That way you can see how should look a proposal, and also, you are sure that those proposals were not rejected. You can even check out what was the grade given for a particular dissertation.

Search the internet

Internet is a place that you will probably find a lot of good samples of proposal, but you have to cautious. People sometimes post works that are not the best. Try a number of sites, forums, university archives before you make your decision how your proposal should look like.

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